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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Prison

McAfee, who rose to global fame for his wildly successful anti-virus software, was found dead by Spanish prison guards in Barcelona. McAfee was being...

SEC chair Gary Gensler was the Crypto Professor at MIT

Gary Gensler was confirmed as the new SEC chair by the U.S Senate on April 14, 2021. While Democrats, especially the progressive wing of...

Coronavirus in Texas: 1 Year Later

On March 9th, 2020, a HEADLINE article was published, entitled "CORONAVIRUS IN TEXAS, BY THE NUMBERS." The article focused on the cancelation of South...

Trump Responds To Twitter Ban, Threatens To Build Rival Social Network

On January 8th, 2021 Jack Dorsey and company finally threw down the gauntlet, permanently banning President Donald J. Trump from Twitter. Leaving no slight...

Twitter Slaps Trump with Permanent Ban

What started with Twitter was inevitably bound to end with Twitter. Following years of demands from progressive and liberal Democrats to silence Trump, Jack...

The U.S. Capitol is Under Siege

The House of Representatives and U.S Senate were placed on lockdown after tens of thousands of Trump supporters broke through barriers and stormed the...

HEADLINE EXCLUSIVE: Fire Engulfs Home in North San Antonio

Firefighters, medics, and Bexar County Sheriff's Department respond to fire on Tuesday night in the Stone Oak area of North San Antonio. First responders...

SOLVED: How to fix Document.write errors on WordPress (Newspaper Theme)

Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome want to make one thing clear in 2020: The worst-practices intrusion of Document.write() HTML will no longer...

HEADLINE Exclusive: Footage of Violent Street Fights Between Trump Supporters and Antifa in D.C.

Thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington D.C. on November 14th to exercise their constitutional rights--freedom of assembly, freedom of speech. The "Million MAGA...

Holding Democracy at Gunpoint

Trump populism, entrenched partisanship, and an unstoppable Coronavirus created the perfect storm for democracy's ultimate stress-test.

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