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HEADLINE Crypto is an Unbiased Project and token from the team behind HEADLINE News.

Blockchain 3.0

A New Asset Class

Statement Assets

An emerging asset class, these new-market products represent the convergence of three historically-divergent social constructs: Statement Art, Investing, and Protest Voting. While traditional investing relies on a positive cost-benefit analysis, the value of protest voting is derived from its agency-generating ability. Likewise, the monetary value of Statement Art/Furniture/Retail is not driven by price objectivity, but by a range of extrinsic criterium.


Development Stage

Statement tokens are still an asset class in infancy. With the emergence of value-driven blockchain solutions like Algorand, the viability of Statement Assets will increase exponentially.


Use Cases

Statements Assets can take the form of any coin, token, etc that derives value from messaging. Examples include politics (Democrat, Republican, Independent tokens), social issues (Black Lives Matter, GLAAD, Peta, Green tokens), spirituality (meditation/yoga, horoscope, tarot). Other examples could be science-based, faith-based, community-based, etc.


Case Study: Game Stop

In the 1st Quarter of 2021, a perfect storm of market confluence led to Instance 1.0 of the Statement Asset economy. Historically high short-interest coupled with an ultra-engaged investment community catalyzed the valuation of Gamestop; the stock swelled 1700% in a matter of days. While analysts initially pointed to short-interest as the primary driver of Game Stop's meteoric rise, the stock's continued elevation confounds traditional metrics. But what these traditional models fail to account for, is the demand among new investors for financial products that offer a worldview, stake a position, signal virtue, provide moral cover, etc.

In the case of Game Stop, the "Reddit Rebellion" was born out of frustration with Wall Street, and in particular investment firms that profited tremendously in 2008 and again in 2020, getting rich while everyday Americans suffered. For many members of the subreddit Wallstreetbets, a buy-and-hold in Game Stop was not seen as an opportunity to get-rich-quick, it was a vehicle to send a clear message to Wall Street.

Other examples of Instance 1.0 include retail and EV stocks that were purchased, not for their profitability, but for their commitment to renewable energy and other green initiatives.

While the trading activity referred to as the "Reddit Rebelion" may constitute an early example of Statement Asset trading, it (Gamestop) is not technically a Statement Asset because of its legal status as a security. A Statement Asset cannot be a security and a security cannot be a Statement Asset.

Unbiased Project VX1


HDL x Algorand

HEADLINE Crypto is an Unbiased Project and token from the team behind HEADLINE News, a digital media platform engineered to empower unbiased voices in the news. Unbiased Projects are funded by Iron Oak Holdings LLC to facilitate the development of real-world applications that promote bias-free perspectives and branding in media, finance, and emerging digital ecosystems.

HEADLINE Crypto (HDL) is a blockchain project that promotes Unbiased Voices in media, finance, and emerging digital ecosystems.

HEADLINE Crypto VX1 (HDL) launched on the Algorand blockchain in February of 2021. Algorand is a high-performance next-generation blockchain whose goal is to create a transparent system in which everyone can achieve success through decentralized projects and applications. Many have called this project “Blockchain 3.0”, as it solves Bitcoin’s well-known scalability problems whilst maintaining security and decentralization.


HEADLINE tokens issued via Algorand use a pure proof-of-stake (PPoS) protocol built on Byzantine consensus. Each user's influence on the choice of a new block is proportional to its stake (number of tokens) in the system.



HEADLINE projects built on top of the Algorand consensus protocol could theoretically scale to millions of users and sustain a high transaction rate, without incurring significant cost to participating users.



HEADLINE Crypto account holders are protected against attacks at both the consensus protocol level and the network level—all while ensuring the safety of individual user's accounts.



HEADLINE (HDL) transactions on the Algorand network are lightning-fast. The average transaction speed is sub 5 seconds.


SEC Considerations

HEADLINE Crypto is a U.S-based crypto project intended for American consumers, American investors, and the American public at large. As an American project, it is essential that the SEC's crypto guidelines are followed with regard to any past, present, or future HDL development activity taking place.

However, HEADLINE Crypto and Statement Assets in general currently exist in a regulatory grey zone. While the SEC has provided substantial updates to the Howie Test, accounting for the complexities of digital currencies and tokens, there are still a number of asset tokenization elements where regulation is not clearly defined. Due to the lack of explicit legal clarity regarding Statement Assets, the HDL development team will thoroughly review any regulatory issues that may arise, giving extreme deference to the SEC's stated position.

Furthermore, the HDL development team will consult with legal professionals and SEC representatives before any formal token sale or exchange listing may occur. The regulatory landscape for crypto projects is constantly shifting, and the HDL development team reserves the right to make any material changes necessary to keep the project on solid legal ground.


HDL Development
Timeline 2021



HDL launches on Algorand blockchain
25M hard cap



Official Algo Verification


Site Launch

HDL landing page goes live



HDL Airdrop issued to First Movers

2021-Q 2&3

Wallet & Exchange Integration

HDL development will focus on integration with major wallets and exchanges

2021-Q 3&4

Supported Pairs

HDL will add support for Ethereum, Stellar, and Binance Smart Chain


Frequently asked questions

For more information, please contact our support services

Is HEADLINE Crypto a security?

NO. HDL tokens do not entitle owners to any piece/bit/share of the HEADLINE brand. HDL tokens are also not connected in any way to ICOs or other schemes guaranteeing future profit potential. This is a highly speculative project (more akin to a social experiment at this stage) and comes with significant risk.

How can I support the HEADLINE Crypto project?

Right now, the best way to support the project is through word-of-mouth and Airdrop participation. We’re not interested in any additional funding at the moment and there are not currently any development roles available. But in the future, there will be opportunities for developer and funder support.

When will the HDL Tokens be released?

The first batch of HDL Tokens will be released via airdrop in April 2021. The airdrop will be free for all valid Algorand wallet holders who request inclusion. The airdrop will result in 3,000 HDL tokens per account holder.

How much will HDL Tokens cost?

The initial Airdrop will be free for all HDL backers. Then the remaining tokens will be available at .10 cents per token. An HDL token sale will not take place until there is either exchange inclusion or an official channel has been established.

What is the total project valuation?

Including the Airdrop, there will only ever be 25 million HDL tokens. After accounting for the post-airdrop pricing (.10 cents per token) the total project valuation will be $2.5 million dollars. HDL’s projected valuation comes with a big asterisk, assuming that the project is both successful and all available tokens are purchased. Because crypto projects are extremely volatile, we must reiterate that the eventual valuation of HDL could be $2.5 million, $1 million, or even potentially zero.


The HDL Airdrop is inbound.
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How to set up the Algorand Wallet

A step-by-step guide to making your Algorand Wallet HDL Airdrop-ready.

1. Visit myalgo.com

1. Visit wallet.myalgo.com

2. Accept the Terms and Conditions

2. Accept the Terms and Conditions

3. Add a new wallet.

3. Add a new wallet.

4. Copy your mnemonic password.

4. Copy your mnemonic password.

5. Navigate to “Add Asset”.

5. Navigate to “Add Asset”.

6. Find the HEADLINE Crypto ASA.

6. Find the HEADLINE Crypto ASA: You must have at least 1/10th of 1 Algo in your Algo wallet in order to add the HDL asset. Algos can be added through major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. Simply send one Algo from an exchange wallet to your MyAlgo wallet. (Please contact support if unable or unfamiliar with wallet-to-wallet transfers)

7. Register for the HDL Airdrop.

7. Register for the HDL Airdrop.