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HEADLINE Projects Biden Victory

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For the duration of November 3rd, and into the wee hours of November 4th, all signs pointed to a resounding Trump victory after posting stronger than expected numbers across multiple demographics in multiple battleground states. But then, early Wednesday morning, a shift in the numbers started to take shape. Former VP Biden began to steadily gain on Trump’s vote tally, laying claim to a massive share of the remaining vote outstanding. Biden’s advantage late in the contest was due in large part to the disproportionate contrast in voting methods between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans overwhelmingly chose to vote in-person on Election Day, as opposed to Democrats who favored mail-in ballots. This disparity can also be explained by Biden’s endorsement (of mail-in voting) and Trump’s vocal rejection of the aforementioned electoral practice.

By Saturday, November 7th, it became clear that Biden would be able to capture enough votes in enough states to take the crown outright at first count. Capturing Arizona, a traditionally safe conservative state, was the icing on top that put Vice President Biden in the driver’s seat.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden at 2020 campaign event.

It’s worth noting, however, that President Trump has not (yet) conceded the race. The presidential incumbent is pursuing legal action in multiple states after several discrepancies were reported regarding the manner and method of ballot counting. Legal scholars and electoral officials have widely panned Trump’s legal moves thus far, asserting that any instances of alleged voter fraud are not nearly widespread enough to overturn the election results. Trump is not out of options yet though, with several states committing to recounts. If there is any major evidence of voter fraud, that evidence should (ideally) become available during the recount process.

For Biden, this victory marks a decades’ long career in Washington. Serving as a Senator first and then Vice President for 8 years under President Barack Obama, Joe Biden was compelled to run for president once again. The phrase “third time’s the charm” rings true once more, as the 2020 presidential campaign marks Biden’s third attempt and first come-from-behind (projected) win, finally capturing the highest office in the land.

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